C-alpha circles
Département des mathématiques de l'EPFL
Simulation de systèmes physiques

Study of protein packing using the concept of global curvature. Algorithm to study proteins described in the Protein Data Bank (www.PDB.org)

Project report (DVI, PS, PDF). Latest edition 28.08.2002.
(679 KB), (5.4 MB), (1.4 MB)
Project defense (DVI, PS, PDF). Diploma exam at EPFL. Latest edition 24.09.2002.
(12 KB), (16.8 MB), (941 KB)
Sourcecode of the EXTRACTOR written in Fortran 90.
Latest edition from 28.04.2002 (Release 1.31)
Process downloaded PDB files using the EXTRACTOR..
(PC), (UNIX), (Executable DOS)
Sourcecode of the CALCULATOR written in Fortran 90.
Latest edition from 07.07.2002 (Release 1.61)
Use CLACULATOR for the circling and sphering of the proteins.
(PC), (UNIX), (Executable DOS)
Utility to create the necessary directory tree structure on hard disk,
file lists for batch mode.
(Directories.bat), (Source.ini), (Files.ini)